1. May 2024

Very proud our joint Leiden - Delft Summit proposal to investigate the boundaries of quantum mechanics wast granted! More here.

  1. Mar 2024

Check out our review of current experimental evidence for/against spacetime diffusion!

  1. Mar 2024

Congratulations to Eli and Richard for finishing a fantastic MSc thesis!

  1. Mar 2024

Very excited to have Robert Smit joining as a post-doc in our team!

  1. Jan 2024

Looking for highly motivated phd students!

  1. Jan 2024

We got a NGF Quantum Technology grant! More here

Together with Kaveh Lahabi, our lab will start working on gigahertz frequency readout of nano-SQUIDs!

  1. Nov 2023

Our new dilution refrigerator arrives!

  1. Nov 2023

First levitation in the lab! Sneak preview movie here

  1. Oct 2023

New PhD position open: ( PhD vacancy)

  1. Sept 2023

Two new members join the team! Richard and Eli welcome!

  1. Jun 2023

Aaron has defended his thesis with a stellar result!

  1. Jan 2023

Postdoc position available!

  1. Feb 2023

Aaron de Jong joined us for his thesis internship

  1. Nov 2022

Stef Koenis started his PhD!

  1. Sept 2022

Martijn Janse started his PhD!

  1. June 2022

Officially starting our lab in Leiden!

  1. Jan 2022

We win a ERC Starting grant: 1500kEUR to invest in science! (Leiden news)